Lands of Warlderia


History, Map and Demographics


Stonehaven is a newly established settlement built on the foundations of at least two others. On the surface it was the Menagerie, a wild overgrown garden of a long dead eccentric nobleman. Underground it was an extensive Dwarven port built in to the very cliff face and formidably fortified. It is now the man campaign port for both the Army of Everwatch and the newly founded Free Harmonias province.

Stonehaven was bestowed to Lord Douglas, the famed ranger adventurer, for services to the late Duke Rocco, though controversially when the Duke was on longer living and undead. This was recognised by Duchess Katalin, the present living ruler, and Douglas has become a respected member of the Everwatch nobility. Serving Lord Douglas is his household knight, Sir Argun who acts as his seneschal and advisor.

Built in to the cliffs is a sheltered harbour with four levels of Dwarven warehouses, barracks and the likes above it. There are two large mechanical cranes that haul cargo up from the lowest level to the surface. Above the old Dwarven harbour is a thriving new walled settlement on the ruins of the old Menagerie.

In a matter of weeks Stonehaven has grown to over eighteen hundred settlers with several hundred garrison soldiers and is very much a boomtown with only the diligence of Lord Douglas and Sir Argun keeping matters in hand. The harbour is very busy supplying the south of Everwatch and Harmonias beyond. A busy and strategically important location

On approach you can see that the outlying farmsteads are all new and well laid out in a structured manner, working closer into the hub the buildings change to a more housing and trade focus – a hive of activity being supplied by the port. You can smell the newness in the form of the Fresh hewn wood and paint that the buildings are constructed of. As you get to the centre you can see the walls of the Stonehaven stronghold and 20’ high fortified wall with moat. Towers are at the key map points N, E, S and W and flying from these are the banners for Everwatch and Douglas.

A good infrastructure and well laid town planning is obvious to the eye as new areas are continuing to be built but being done to ensure longevity of the town.

Heavily armed and regular patrols are commonplace from the Stonehaven Army securing the border with Harmonias


Small Town: Alignment: TN, Population: 1,800; Mixed (75% human, 10% half-humanoid, 5% half-elf, 4% dwarf, 2% gnome, 2% elf, 2% halfling),

Authority figures: Lord Douglas (human, male, ranger), Sir Argun (human, male, fighter)

Dramatis Personæ:

Lord Douglas Thantalas comes from Merriport in the North of the Empire and has adventured far and wide eventually ending up in Everwatch. His family was a wealthy merchant family having quite a few holdings in Merriport itself, he was originally     heir to the businesses but found that in his youth he wanted excitement and adventure and so travelled away from his home. As far as he is aware his mother and father are still healthy and running their businesses alongside his two brothers.

His shield is a red chevron on blue background with an over laying white crown. All symbolic of military strength, courage and honesty. His motto “Meux Vox Est Meus” literal meaning is “My Word is My Life”. He is vassal to the Duchess Katalin Vadild of Everwatch.

He is a good looking fellow with serious dark brown eyes, a strong chiselled jaw and stubble - framed by long dark brown curly hair. He is tanned (or weathered depending on how you see it) and stands at an inch shy of six foot. He carries himself with an air of confidence and is both athletic and strong looking. He wears a chain shirt and dual wields a long and short sword in combat. On occasion he can also been seen with a mighty composite longbow, few of whom can draw       

Argun Af Lavandal; was a prominent member of the Knights of the Rose in the Earldom of Aelfshaw and was known as the Knight of the Lavender. He had lands near the Lavender Hills from where he got his nickname.

He is in his late-thirties and a respected and experienced leader. Argun is also known as a very private man prepared to answer any challenge to protect his privacy or indeed honour. In game terms he is probably Neutral Good in alignment.

Argun was knighted at the same time as taking up being vassal of Lord Douglas. He now acts as his Seneschal and commands his troops. He has decision making authority within Stonehaven to ensure its protection and longevity.

Stonehaven Army

Lord Douglas has been in several campaign battles now for Everwatch and is starting to get a little bit of a reputation for being a fierce commander. It is certainly fact that whatever battle he has been in there has been no reservation in getting himself and his troops stuck in at the first opportunity. This isn’t at the cost of sensibility but he doesn’t hold back and is very attack minded. His troops see that he leads from the front and there is an element of pride growing to serve under his banner.

Currently there are flying the Douglas and Everwatch banners. The balance and troop type under his command will be relative common knowledge due to the amount of battles that they have already been involved in.

Lord Douglas’s Lifeguard: a very heavy cavalry unit usually the vanguard of the Stonehaven Army. In every encounter to date that have been instrumental in inflicting heavy casualties on the foe. Running through them on heavy horse heavily armoured and with heavy lance tends to do that to foot troops. 

Stonehaven Regiment: A heavy infantry polearm troop under the direct stewardship and command of Sir Argun Af Lavendal. Wherever there is conflict these are usually at the tip of the sword. 

Stonehaven Cavalry: Formerly the Summer Horse this is a medium cavalry brigade from Summerswaine that have since taken up arms for Douglas after he asked them to flock to his banner. (Controversially from the Margravine Arabella of Harmonias) 

Stonehaven Auxiliaries: A controversial unit as they are made up of half humanoids that fled the massacres of Golgortha. Douglas couldn’t condemn these poor creatures any further than they already had been and allowed some to stay – this was only after they had been through an engineered test from the Pelorian Priests to try and wedel out those of most purest evil (these were sent on to Wyntern as it was at the time). The remainder needed a focus and Douglas decided forming a unit of Skirmishers could provide that for them. Since this they have fought for him and shown steadfastness and a willingness to learn tactics that has improved them as troops. The unit may be on borrowed time though as they were created under exceptional circumstances - longer term their future is still to be decided. 

The Blood Guard: Finally Lord Douglas also has the ‘Bloody Bastards’ in his employ – this is a mercenary unit, their formal name being the Blood Guard, from the Blood Isles. Again they have been in every campaign for Douglas and are usually fighting side by side with the Stonehaven Regiment. This is a heavy foot unit.


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