Lands of Warlderia


The remote densely jungled covered Island of Thawmálos-Dûrlies is in the far north west of the known lands. Its names translates from the Elven to ‘rotten forest of dark’ in common with a heavy emphasis on the evil aspect of the dark.

The jungle is said to be so thick that it has an unusually dense canopy which in places blocks out all light to the degree that even Elven sight cannot penetrate the darkness without the aid of illumination. These conditions are ideal for the plethora of mushrooms and fungi which grow in this jungle. Many of these are poisonous or dangerous to animals and with this there are numerous dangerous creatures and monsters living in the jungle.

It is said that when the Elves came to Walrderia a number Wood Elves, from the Taarapilin clan (lofty arrow clan), arrived in the jungle and assumed the whole world was similarly dark and hostile. They settled in the forest and other time learnt how to deal with the dangers. Villages attracted the larger more dangerous predators and were quickly abandoned, while small camouflaged family homes were usually missed by them.

Eventually having lived and survived in the jungle for fifty years some became curious about the fate of their brethren who had entered over in other areas. They travelled searching for them and after a year’s absence two brothers returned to the surviving Taarapilin with tales of a sea beyond the jungle and that they were in fact on an island. Beyond their island were with other more hospitable lands but in these lands they had seen barbarian civilisations with little knowledge but many warriors. This brought about a split in the clan with some wanting to seek adventure and a life in which they did not have to be constantly on their guard, while others were more settled with the jungle believing over time they could tame it.

There was a long discussion and in the end the clan agreed to build just off shore a small floating harbour on the coast. The harbour was built over 30 miles through the jungle from their settlements and was named Aiwelonde (small bird harbour). They consider the distance to be great enough so that there is little risk of anyone finding their clan homes. In the harbour they built a few boats which twice a year ferry any who want to travel across to the other lands or bring them back.

The Taarapilin are like other Wild Elves isolationist and not open to visit from outsiders. The fact that Thawmálos-Dûr has little to offer visitors has kept them away for many years.  In part due to how hard it is to prosper the Taarapilin mainly worship Fenmarel Mestarine, the Elven goddess of Wild Elves, Outcasts, Scapegoats and Isolation. 

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