Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: The Theocracy of Ulm 
Ruler: High Priest Manfred Fleisher 
Government:         Theocracy
Capital: Ulm
Major Towns: None
Resources: Trade
Population: 85,000 (90% Human, 10% Mixed)
Languages:  Common & Dwarven
Common Alignments: Any (Mostly Good)
Major Religions: Heironeous (LG), St Cuthbert (LG/LN), Pelor (NG)
Allies: Hanser

The Theocracy of Ulm is situated in the centre of the Northern Plain of Ulm to the north of Dornstadt. The city is small and has always been a place of pilgrimage for the worshippers of good in the Successor states, with the High Temples of Heironeous and Pelor situated only a mile to the east of the city. The Dukes of Ulm were always publicly devout and fully supported these two religions; however the Dukes always made a point of trying to distance the ruling of the city from religion. There is a large Dwarven population in the city, who are mostly descended from the people of Xuthzan, most of these Dwarves have never been to the Dwarven hall but still consider it their home. The city is rich due to the Dwaven community and the trade which passes both north and south through its lands. This wealth has made it possible for the council to hire companies of the best Eissenberg can offer to back up its citizens militia.

Fifty years ago the last Duke Dorion Ganderin of Ulm died without a direct heir to the throne and a period of internal dispute followed with several distant relatives claiming the throne. Unfortunately none of the claimants could gain enough support to take the throne and the disputes ended up on the street causing several riots. The High Priest of Heironeous finally decided that the city needed stability and sent in his followers along with those of Pelor and St Cuthbert to restore order. The people of the city were so glad of the respite that they petitioned High Priest Fleisher to form a government so that the nobles would keep the peace. Fleisher formed the Council of the Devout from priests of all of the major religions in the city, including Heironeous, St Cuthbert, Pelor and Kord. The Council stated that they would only govern the city until the rightful claimant to the throne took his place, but since the only candidate disappeared ten years before this seemed unlikely.

Unfortunately one of the claimants for the throne was the brother of the Duke of Dornstadt and when he heard the news called upon his brother to support his claim. The Duke of Dornstadt raised his troops, formed an alliance with Kaldar and invaded. The Council with very few troops of their own called upon the citizens to defend the city, whilst several thousand turned out the equipment and discipline were poor. The army such as it was met the enemy to the west of the city and was defeated, but due to the valour of the Knights of the Lightning most of the survivors manager to gain the city.

That could have been the end of the Council if the Duke of Hanser had not come to their aid and defeated the opposing armies. The Council is now securely in place and the citizens have been organised, with the most effective citizen units being the crossbowmen. The nobles still feel that they should be more influential in the running of the Duchy but the Council has the power and the backing of the people of the city.  


Ulm (Small City): Alignment NG, Population 9500 (75% Human, 15% Dwarven, 5% Elf & 5% mixed) Authority Figure: - High Priest Manfred Fleisher (human, Cleric)

Ulm is a small but beautiful city the wealth of the nearby Temples led to the city being built during a time of prosperity for the area and apart from the newer parts of the city the people live in well built houses. The walls of the city have been heavily fortified in the last forty years and new towers have been built outside the inner defences to harry any attackers.


Templeton (Large Town): - Alignment: -NG, Population: - 4500 (85% Human, 10% Elven, 5% Mixed) Authority Figure: - Baron Ulric Westfall (human, fighter)

Templeton is a bustling town on the river, stopping point between the northern Duchies and the southern. Trade is the lifeblood of the city and the Temple of Zilcus dominates the centre of the town, stand adjacent to the market square. During the troubles and war the town was far enough out of the way that most of the fighting by passed it, leaving the town pretty much unchanged. Baron Westfall has managed to keep out of any internal disputes so far and has spent all his energies making sure that the town does not suffer from the shifting alliances of the area.

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License

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