Lands of Warlderia

Vecna's Leech Pool 

When the Old Empire turned to dark gods it sought more reliable methods to heal its soldiers. It approached the Priests of Hextor for a solution. They beseeched their god for a solution and he directed them to a Priest of Vecna who has remained nameless to history. This priest of Vecna took them to a stream and picked a leech out of it saying “This is your solution!” The Priests of Hextor laughed at him say “You are a fool! It is but a leech!” The Priest of Vecna replied “You are the fools for not respecting Vecna’s knowledge, this is no normal leech.” He then cut himself with a knife and placed the leech on the cut. After a minute he pulled off the leech and showed them that the wound had healed.

Under the Priest of Vecna’s directions they built a large pool and bred enough leeches to supply the army. This pool has been named Vecna’s Leech Pool and is heavily guarded by Hexorites. Vecna’s leeches are no good natural panacea that others would like to use as they feed off pain. Although they heal wounds in return they cause agony to the person whilst doing it. Some Priests of Hextor use them as a rite of passage for initiates to show their bravery in the face of pain.  

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