Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: The Republic of Zargoza
Ruler: Duke Leo 
Government:         Oligarchy
Capital: Zargoza
Major Towns: Primell
Resources: Silver, Iron, Ship Building & Trade
Population: 158,000, 90% human 5% mixed
Languages:  Common, Dwarven & Elven
Common Alignments: Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good
Major Religions: Zilchus (LN), Pelor (NG), Osprem (LN)
Enemies: Hierarchy of Ludoc

Zargoza is one of most prominent of the Successor States. Positioned on the end of the Aelf Peninsula it was always ideally suited for trade between the West and East on the Indertsa Sea. Now a neutral trading city for merchants from the Divine and Old Empire’s to meet with out conflict. The city-State is rich and decadent with a handful of wealthy families ruling the Republic. Every year on the summer equinox the Duke is elected by the State Council.

Political influence extends north to the border town of Primell that was secured from the neighbouring state of the Hierarchy of Ludoc. It technically controls the colony of Leosandria of the northern shores of Kylma but for the last five years effective political control has ceased.

Silver and Iron are mined in the interior of the City –State while ship building is a major industry. True wealth comes from trade and commence with virtually anything and everything for sale in Zargoza. The only exception is people for a slave has merely to set foot on Zargozan soil to be free, or so the law states.

Though brash and arrogant Zargoza is a regional power backed by her wealth and seasoned miltias.

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