Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: The Oligarchy of Zingst
Ruler: States General Eric Tortenson
Government:         Oligarchy
Capital: Zingst
Major Towns: None
Resources: Cattle & Silver
Population: 110,000 (70% Human, 20% Elven, 10% Mixed)
Languages:  Common, Elven
Common Alignments: Any
Major Religions: Pelor (NG), Obad-Hai (TN), Ehlonna (CG)
Allies: None

The city of Zinkst sits between Radiant Melthurien to the south and the Argent Hills to the north, the land is suitable for breeding cattle but little else but the Argent Hills have good veins of silver running through them. This silver brings wealth into the city especially with the Elves love of silver jewellery, but the price is the chaotic miners and the people who surround them. The city was originally an outpost of Melthurien but after the War of Liberation one of Kaegor's officers was granted the land for loyal service. This officer was Kerefin half-Elven and he encouraged more half-Elves to move to the city as a sanctuary from the prejudice of the freed humans, who soon forgot that the half-Elves had fought against the Higher Races in the war. Kerefin was not suited the role of ruler, so he decided to set up a council to help him rule, this council over his lifetime became elected from leading citizens. After his death the council became more powerful until it ruled the city, with the descendants of Kerefin acting as military commanders under the title States General. The elections soon became the province of the established families of the city with very few new families invited to vote. During the reign of Kaegor XI the city was home to a garrison of Blood Isler mercenaries who enforced the blockade, but with the death of Kaegor XI they decided to settle in the town. The commander of the mercenaries was Ulf Tortenson married the daughter of the States General and their son inherited the title on the death of his grandfather.

Zinkst has not fought a war in almost 100 years, but has a reputation for fierce fighters and outstanding infantry. The city has a good relationship with Radiant Melthurien and is in an easily defendable position with the Dark Forest and Accursed Bayou to the north. The main problem that Zingst has is that due to the proximity to Melthurien it has more magical locations than most cities and spend quite a bit of its time guarding these areas.


Zinkst (Small City) Alignment: NG, Population: 11,000 (65% Human, 15% Elven, 10% Half-elven, 10% mixed) Authority Figure: Eric Tortenson (States General – human fighter)

The city of Zingst is split into two, the outer city built since the end of Kargors revolt and the old town inside the early city walls. The old town is of Elven design with sweeping walls and bridges running over beautiful gardens centred on the governor’s palace. The palace is set in its own grounds and constructed from an almost white stone, it shines in the bright sunlight casting shadows over the rest of the old town. The outer city was built by humans and half-Elves after the city was liberated from the Elves and is well made but more functional than the inner part of the city.


Silverton (Small Town) Alignment: CG, Population: 1800 (80% Human, 10% Dwaven, 5% Elven & 5% Others) Authority Figure: Ulrik Tannenberg (Baron, human)

Silverton is the centre for silver production in north eastern Warlderia, with the miners from the nearby hills coming here to sell their ore and spend their money. At night the town becomes rowdy and lawless but the town watch is well trained in dealing with miners so most minor crimes are dealt with by hefty fines. The town has no walls and the Barons home is outside the town proper, so the only place that matters in the town is the market square.

Three Rivers

Three Rivers (Small Town) Alignment: N, Population: 1900 (80% Human, 15% Elven, 5% Others.) Authority Figure: Sigurd Vilnan (half-elven, ranger)

Three rivers is the centre of herding and farming in Zingst and as such is a quiet town most of the year, twice a year the herders come to town to sell their stock and buy breeding animals. This is the only time that the town becomes rowdy, for the rest of the year the inhabitants live a peaceful existence, but this should not fool outsiders because there is a tradition of stubbornness in the people and they are famous for producing excellent archers with local longbows.  

Baszta Fort and the Purity Pool

The purity pool is the whole reason why Zinkst built Baszta fort. This freshwater pool is magically charged so that all who drink from it are cured of any known disease, or poison. It does not matter whether it is of magical or natural origin it seems to cure everything. The pools magic is limited to the location and when the water has been decanted it provides no healing benefits. To protect this wondrous pool from being overwhelmed by the sick and drained or ruined Zinkst built Baszta fort around it. To enter the fort you need official papers provided by the council of Zinkst. There are regular caravans of wealthy and influential people travelling to the fort for its miraculous properties.

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