Lands of Warlderia

County of Southwatch 

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Formal Name: County of Southwatch
Ruler:  Count Tiberius Balatin
Government:  Feudal within Divine Empire
Capital: Tirwan
Major Settlements: Quell, Lyand, Saria and Fort Zandrom
Resources: Trade & Agriculture
Population: 200,000 (5% urban) ~ 70% human, 30% other    
Languages: Common & Elven
Common Alignment: Lawful
Major Religions: Pelor (NG), Kord (CG), Thanus (LN)
Allies:  None
Enemies None

The County of Southwatch has changed little in the last centuries since Kaegor I conquered the province from its Elven masters. The county is fertile in the north and east but the forest to the west of Quell is untamed and some say inhabited by monsters and elementals. The city of Tirwan is one of the most breathtaking in the Empire with its white towers and gardens dominating the landscape. The city has no defensive walls as it was spared any fighting during the Higher Wars and has only once been attacked, during Kaegor’s Revolt. Kaegor swept south through the Forest of Quell and was met by fanatical resistance by the Elves of Tirwan who eventually resorted to summoning elementals and other creatures to help in the defence as well all types of Fey, but eventually Kaegor’s troops stormed out of the Forest. In one of his few moments of mercy Kaegor accepted the cities surrender but insisted that the Elven nobles left the city.    


Tirwan (Large City) Alignment: - LN, Population: -15,000 (75% human, 15% half-elven, 10% other. Authority Figure: - Count Tiberius Balatin (human, fighter) 

The people of the city are now mostly human with a strong contingent of half-Elves but the docks constantly bring in Dwarves and other half-breeds who are greeted cordially. However the Count is not as friendly as his people, he was an adventurer in his youth and has developed a hatred of magic which is fanatical. He cannot outlaw magic entirely but the penalty for "evil magic" is death, which is enforced by his Templars. This order is house in a special tower at the edge of the city and devotes its days and nights to fighting mages of all types. The Templars are in fact divine and arcane magic users who have been educated from a very early age to fight mages who use magic selfishly or for evil and are trained in casting spells which limit or stop the use of magic. The more senior Templars are armoured in Starfall Ore breastplates which means that they are formidable opponents for any magic user. The Count himself is in his fifties and not married and with no close family the succession is in doubt leaving chances for the nobles of the County.


Quell (Small Town), Alignment: - CN, Population: - 1900 ( 50% Half-elf, 15% Elf, 20% Human, 5% Halfling, 0% other.) Authority Figure: - Alderman Narin (half-Elf, ranger).

Quell was once a thriving fey settlement but after the fall of Tirwan it became a small town inhabited mostly by half-Elves and other half breeds who prefer to stay out of mainstream society . The town is lead by a small council elected from the leading citizens every three years. The surrounding forest is a dangerous place filled with fey creatures and other more significant threats, rumours of elementals trapped in this world and even undead are frequent and most people rarely stray from the road.


Saria (Large Town), Alignment: - LN, Population: - 3900 (80% Human, 10% Elf, 5% Halfling, 5% other). Authority Figure: - Baron Ludivico Maltino (human, fighter)

Saria is a large town surrounded by numerous farming communities and supplies most of the food for both Tirwan and Divine Kaegoria, this bounty has made the town wealthy. The nobles of the town slavishly follow the fashions of the Capital with the Baron and his family leading the way. Baron Ludivico Maltino would like to be the next Count if the present Count dies without heir and has a passable claim to the County, through his wife.


Lyand (Large Town), Alignment: - LG, Population: - 3500 (75% Human, 15% Elf, 10% other). Authority Figure: - Lord Theodrum Amali (human, fighter)

Lyand is a town set in the woods and orchards of the eastern part of the county renown for the production of fruit and beer. Over the centuries it has been one of the most peaceful areas of the Empire but this has gradually been changing with raids from the pirates of the Successor States and incursions of Elves from the north. The nobles who have traditionally controlled the town are the Amali family but since the Divine Emperor took the thrown they have been gradually losing their influence and lands to the nobles from Saria and Fort Zandrom.

Fort Zandrom 

Fort Zandrom (Small Town) Alignment: - N, Population: - 1800 (85% Human, 10% half-elf, 5% other). Authority Figure: - Baron Giovanni Caseragi (human, ranger) 

Fort Zandrom was a fortress built to defend Radiant Melthurian during the Higher Wars. Its massive walls and size made it impregnable to all assaults but when Kaegor revolted the garrison revolted with him leaving the elves with a massive thorn in their side. Despite a year long siege the fortress held out until Kaegor could relieve it costing the Elves hundreds of live and maybe any chance they had to win. Now the fortress is too large for its garrison and a town has sprung up inside the walls making it the best defend town on the continent. The Baron of Zandrom Giovanni Caseragi is an ambitious man who wants nothing more than the remaining Amali lands.

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