Lands of Warlderia

Timeline of Historical Events

While not a fully comprehensive list the table below does give a good idea of events within the Lands of Warlderia.

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Imperial Year (I.Y.)
Year -630 Arrival of the Higher Races
Year -30 Higher War Starts
Year -28 Roseguard falls to Orcs
Year -8 Malchin sacked by elves
Year -5 The majority of Dragons leave main continent. 
Year -3 Roseguard  liberated from Orcs
Year 1 Principality of Tumkur formed
Year 1 Kaegor I crowned Emperor
Year 2 Liberation of Sanziberg
Year 6 Spadoria falls to humans
Year 12 Fall of Gleaming  Tovaj
Year 15 Screaming Wood Created
Year 16 End of Higher Wars
Year 55 Xuthan falls to Orcs
Year 120 Kaegor IV dies
Year 196 Kaegor XIII "The Mad" crowned Emperor
Year 202 Divine Emperor Innocence crowned
Year 245 Fall of Majestic Oliverias
Year 250 Margatubast falls into sea.
Year 252 Free towns of Eissenberg formed
Year 329 Fall of Harmonas to humanoids
Year 332 Isle of Hate Created from Ipranius Province
Year 311 Ulm becomes a theocracy
Year 360 Everwatch - Humanoid War starts
Year 361 Present Year

Year 361 Spring - The Galsitanic Intrusion

Year 361 Summer - Victory for Duchy of Everwatch in Harmonias

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