Lands of Warlderia


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Official Name: The County of Combel
Ruler: Count Sunder Ironcleft  
Government:         Feudal
Capital: Combel
Major Towns: Iron Road
Resources: Iron & Trade
Population: 65,000 (15% Urban) - 60% Human, 20% Dwarves,
10% Elven, 5% Gnome, 5% Mixed
Languages:  Common, Dwarven
Common Alignments: Neutral, Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good
Major Religions: Moradin (LG), Pelor (NG)
Allies: Dwarves of Marrak

The County of Combel sits on old main north-south trade road and was once one of the richest cities on the continent, but the closure of the main road due to the dangers of Necropolis have badly affected the prosperity of the town. It is still important for the trade with the dwarves but almost all of the north-south trade now travels by sea. Combel is said to be one of the ugliest human cities with its block buildings and underground warrens but its people are immensely proud of their city saying that it is like them solid and unpretentious.

The city was originally built by the dwarves as a home for the slaves/humans under their protection, like most of the cities built by the so called higher races the humans largely carried out the menial tasks and no say in their own lives. When the higher wars started the city was spared most of the war but when the orcs stormed south to take Roseguard a portion of the horde turned south and attacked the city. The fighting was vicious but the humans eventually beat the orcs back where they were taken in the rear by a Dwarven army and destroyed. For this heroic defence the city was granted its freedom from Dwarven control though they still kept close links between the two races.

When Kaegor revolted Combel avoided getting involved claiming that they were already free and liked their neighbours. Since that time they have avoided getting involved in any of the wars which have ravaged the area including the Divine War. This stood them in good stead but has meant that no-one takes them seriously as a power and they are now to a large extent ignored by the politicians of the successor states. The present Count Sunder Ironcleft is human with more than a drop of Dwarven blood and maintains peaceful relations with all of his neighbours.


Combel (Small City) Alignment: NG, Population: 9500 (60% Human, 25% Dwarven, 5% Gnome, 5% Elven, 5% Mixed). Authority Figure:- Count Sunder Ironcleft (Human, Fighter).

The city of Combel is to most people squat and ugly, constructed from low square buildings with large cellars and passages running between areas. The city has never been fortified and has no city wall but does have a ditch surrounding the inner city. The outer city unlike the inner is made from wooden buildings in a more standard human layout, with tight streets and alleyways running up to the ditch. The buildings of the inner city are a nightmare to fight in with tunnels linking the areas under the street and strong walled homes which are easy to defend. The only army which ever attempted to take the city died in hundreds trying to take the larger buildings one by one as they were harassed by troops using these tunnels. The population of the city is mixed with no defined racial areas and most of the inhabitants feel that they are as much citizens of the city as members of the diverse races. The one exception is a community of Gnomes which resides in the southern end of the inner city. Count Sunder is a strong leader who does his best to keep his city out of the politics which is rife in the Successor States and so is popular with the citizens.

Bazhak’s Culverhouse

Bazhak’s Culverhouse (Large Town) Alignment: LN, Population: 3500 (40% Dwarven, 40% Human, 10% Elven, 10% Mixed). Authority Figure: Orri Bazhakson (Dwarven Cleric)

Over the years the dwarves looked into various means of communication between their mountain holds, one of which was carrier pigeon’s. Before the Higher Wars a dwarven Lord called Bazhak built a central Culverhouse in secret near the Towers of Moradin. This was to act as a hub for messages and intelligence between dwarven holds around the eastern continent. When the wars started he expanded the Culverhouse and to start with this helped the Dwarves war effort allowing outposts and scouts to quickly report what they saw.

Eventually the Elves caught on to what they were doing and started intercepting the pigeons, changing the messages and letting them loose again. After a year of reverses the dwarves found out what the elves were doing and gave up on pigeons as messengers for war. They kept the Culverhouse stocked with carrier pigeons, but used it for normal communications. After the city of Combel was granted its freedom the dwarves handed over the Culverhouse to their control. Over time they have expanded the number of locations served by this service and now it offers a carrier pigeon messenger service to all the cities of the eastern continent. Orri Bazhakson is a direct descendant of Lord Bazhak and a able if uninspired leader, his a cleric of Ulaa (LG-Hills, Mountains, Gems).  


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