Lands of Warlderia

House Amali of Lyand

The Amali family are an old but notorious clan of noble blood from near Lyand in the County of Southwatch. The family is considered a little disreputable now and has many enemies stemming from the time of Kaegor XIII.

The first members of the Amali family to be generally known were Urias and Theodrum who both joined Kaegor the first in has war of liberation. They both served in his regiment when the revolt started and soon became bodyguards and leaders of his own guard, Urias was the more military minded and often commanded the regiment on the field but Theodrum was a better fighter and soon has the reputation as unstoppable. When Kaegor finally won the throne Theodrum was the one of the two who survived but Kaegor ennobled both the son of Urias and Theodrum himself. Urias's son Theodric became the head of Kaegors bodyguard and Baron Amali whilst Theodrum's son Wulfram his personal bodyguard and champion as well as a Baronet.

The fortune of the Amali (plural Amaling) family seemed made, both sides of the family were given lands near Lyand and wealth and respect came to them. Things however were not that easy, under the rule of Kaegor III, Theomer of the younger branch of the family became Kaegors champion but due to the several revolts during his reign, he also served as the royal executioner for any noble traitors. This made him enemies as they could never get back at the Emperor, and from then on one of Theomers line would be the Emperors personal executioner, sometimes as champion. For the next two hundred years Amali served as head of the Emperors guards and executioners even when in Kaegor XII's reign became darker they stayed loyal. There was even a nursery rhyme about how if children were really bad the Amalings would come and get them. When Kaegor XIII came to the throne the family stayed loyal to their oath even when they became executioners without trial.

When the Divine Emperor came to the throne the elder line fled to what has become the Old Empire but Wulfram the only survivor of the younger side of the family had been captured. The Divine Emperor saw that an honest and loyal man had been trapped by an oath in a horrible situation so freed him and let him return to the families’ estates, he however did not stop his allies from taking half the lands and getting revenge on the family. That has been the lot of the Amali family since, distrusted, hated or ignored they stay loyal to the Empire sending their sons to fight in its wars with little hope of regaining their honour.

The present head of the family is Baronet Theodrum who is aided by his son Theodric and his daughter Freya. The second son, Wulfram, is a Ducal Knight in the Duchy of Everwatch and is an adventurer of some fame.

The family are follower of Thanus, LN God of loyalty, honesty and Oaths whose only major temple is in Lyand. This temple has been supported by the Amali for centuries.




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