Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: The Duchy of Dornstadt
Ruler: Duke Siegfried Sheargar (She-argar) 
Government:         Oligarchy
Capital: Dornstadt
Major Towns: Auchon & Stentel
Resources: Trade
Population: 155,000 (80% Human, 20% Mixed)
Languages:  Common, Dwarven & Elven
Common Alignments: Any
Major Religions: Zilchus (LN), Fharlanghn (TN), Pelor (NG)
Allies: Kaldar

The Duchy of Dornstadt is situated on the main trade road from north to south on the continent and is the centre of trade for the Successor states. The city is one of the largest on the continent and one of the richest, with the Council of Merchants advising (some say telling) the Duke on matters of governance and trade. The Duke whilst wealthy spends most of his time trying to curtail the power of the council, or even on rare occasions gaining power from them. The council is formed from the 12 most powerful merchant families and whilst new members do obtain seats every now and again it is hard to oust one of these families. The centre of the city is the Dukes Square with the palace of the Duke on the northern side, the Palace of the Council on the southern and the Temple of Zilchus on the eastern side. These three buildings represent the most powerful factions in the city and all three spend a good part of their time trying to make life uncomfortable for the others and trying to snatch more power. The Temple of Fharlanghn is situated just inside the southern gate of the city and is the chosen place of worship for most of the poorer members of society.

The army of the city is well equipped but formed mostly from mercenary companies and militia units, it is functional but not as good as that of Hanser, Malchin or Eissenberg. The only shock cavalry units are formed from the sons of the lesser merchants houses and whist professional lack the elan of more feudal cavalry. 
Fifty years ago the Duke of Dornstadt formed an alliance with Kaldar to oust the new Theological council from Ulm and put his brother who had married into the old Dukes family on the throne. After initial success the Duke and his allies were defeated by the army of Hanser and forced to negotiate a peace treaty. The Duke soon vanished along with his brother, rumour is split between fled before the Council could kill them or assassinated by the Council. With no remaining members of the Dukes family left the most powerful of the merchant families, the Sheargar, were asked to take the Ducal seat.
The Sheargars quickly became frustrated with their former allies on the council and the rivalry between the Duke and the Council resumed. The alliance with Kaldar was re-affirmed with the intention of offsetting the new alliance of Hanser and Ulm, but the Duke of Dornstadt would prefer it if any fighting was done by his allies rather than his own forces.  

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