Lands of Warlderia


Golathin is a bustling port which has loose connections with the Council of Captains in Spadoria, it is mainly a trading port but the less law abiding citizens of the coast are known to use it to offload good and slaves when they can’t go directly to Spadoria. The population includes the two small settlements to the north and to the west of the town. The village to the north of the town is Gnomish and is to a large extent ignored by most of the population of the town, it does however mine iron so is tolerated by the captains. The town is run by two representatives of the council who control the small body of watchmen and any militia required in times of trouble. Both captains control at least two “trading” vessels and their goods and slaves are the main exports of the town.

Golathin - Large Town: Alignment: CN, Population 5,000 (85% Human, 5% Gnomes, 5% Elves, 5% mixed). Authority Figures: - Captain Cuthbert the Black (human fighter) and Captain Azure (half-elven ranger).

The town is a mix of influences from most of the areas from the south all jammed together in a haphazard way causing what could have been a beautiful city to become too chaotic for anyone but the residents to appreciate. There are no walls to the city but there are five fortified holding controlled by the senior captains of the town, the largest being those of Cuthbert and Azure. The area down by the docks is packed with taverns, warehouses and boarding houses which cater for the sailors when they come to the port, few of the more reputable citizens stay after dark due to the dangers inherent.

Gnometon – Small Town: Alignment: NG, Population 1,100 (85% Gnomes, 10% Human, 5% mixed). Authority Figure: - Elljobell Daergel (gnome bard).

The town of Gnometon nestles in the hills bordering the desert, iron mines form the northern end of the town and the homes of the gnomes fill the slope below them. The town was founded by Grump Daergel when he left the Divine Empire due to one prank too many played on a local noble. Over the years more and more gnomes have joined him as the southern states have become less tolerant of their race with the largest number coming from Maelfasan some 30 years ago. The town was founded before Golathin became a major port so when the tax collectors from Golathin appeared, after their initial shock the Gnomes agreed to pay a nominal tax and sell the refined iron to the port. On the whole the two settlements have very little to do with each other which suits both of them.

Freehome – Small Town: Alignment: CE, Population 900 (90% Human, 10% mixed). Authority Figure: - Small Council.

Freehome is a very small settlement 40 miles to the west of Golathin, settled soon after the port was occupied by Spadoria it has been left to its own devices, especially after the first tax collector were sent back to Golathin minus their heads. The one attempt to bring the town under control failed miserably with most of the men dead and a large sack of heads left by the gate of the town, an emissary of the town did arrive three days later agreeing to pay a nominal tax each year. Little is known of the inhabitants who discourage visitors and rarely trade with the rest of the coast.

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