Lands of Warlderia

Khelek Carak (Ice Fang)  

Much of the following tale has been pieced together by the few Elven survivors and various divinations over the years.

Before the Higher Wars the mountain Khelek Carak was known by the friendlier name of Calenost, the Green Mountain. Although steep in places it was covered by vegetation and from a distance looked a green verdant mountain. Shortly after the arrival of the Higher Races a group of Dwarves settled in the mountain making it a home and fortress, while Elves settled in the nearby woods and hills. At first the dwarves built watchtowers and other outposts to lay claim to the surrounding lands. Over time the two groups clashed with increasing frequency and the dwarves were quick to realise that they were outnumbered.
After a few decades the Elves started encroaching on the Dwarfs lands with the renowned wizard Kánolach, Commander of leaping flame, summoning Greater Fire Elementals to destroy their outposts. Both sides could see that if things did not change the Dwarves would be driven from the area, but the Dwarves were determined to hold the treasures of the mountain having found seams of Adamantine, Silver and a little Mithril. In desperation King Ralri DeepAxe the Dwarven leader offered a reward for anything that stopped the Elven encroachment and which drove Kánolach’s Fire Elementals from his lands.

In a temple on a nearby mountain lived a powerful Naga Wizard called Sukumara whose thirst for knowledge was greater than its desire to protect its liar. It sent a message to the Dwarves offering to solve their problem within two months if they provided it with a specific book on Elven magic and access to a Dwarven Rune Master with all their teaching texts. Now King Ralri DeepAxe was loathed to trust a Naga Sukumara, but could see no other option and thought the threat posed by a single Naga Sukumara could not match that of the Elves. After some negotiation a deal was struck in which the Naga Sukumara accepted a geas from a Dwarven cleric to do everything it could to drive the Elves from the dwarves land for the next two years. The Dwarves then sent an expedition and stole a copy of the Elven book.

After the Naga Sukumara had studied the book and received instruction from the Dwarven Rune Master for a month it outlined its plan. The Dwarves would cast five large adamantine runes under the Naga Sukumara’s instruction while it wove further enchantments into them. These runes were to be buried in watchtowers around the edges of the Dwarven lands. A master rune made of silver would also be cast to the Naga Sukumara’s instruction with greater enchantments woven into it. When complete the master rune would be placed in a central position on the mountain and activated. It would cover the surface of the Dwarven lands in frost and ice driving back the Elves and elementals. The enchantment could be ended at any time by removing the master rune. The dwarves studied the plan and a small scale set of test runes to see how it worked. With the test runes they established that they could end the enchantment by undermining the master rune and that the ice only went a short distance below the surface.

The next month was spent making the runes and adding enchantments to them to protect them from Elven magic. On the last day of the two months everything was ready and the Naga Sukumara returned to its temple with a human slave carrying the books. Now King Ralri DeepAxe not only wanted to protect his lands, but also to have revenge on the Elves for all the Dwarves who had died. To enrage the Elves he led a raid on one of their villages and massacred every living thing found. Retiring quickly he moved all his people to the deep mines and went to the master rune. There he watched over his lands with a small bodyguard and prepared to activate the rune.
The Elves in rage raised a great army and Kánolach summoned numerous Greater Fire Elementals. They stormed through the Dwarven lands with the Fire Elementals destroying all in their path. As they approach Calenost mountain King Ralri DeepAxe activated the master rune. He laughed out loud as he saw the ice spreading from the watchtowers behind the elven army and rushed towards the mountain faster than any horse. It crested over the back of the army encasing everything it touched in ice.
Kánolach and the Elven generals realised they could not counter this enchantment. The fire elementals vainly tried to drive back the ice and were destroyed. Those that could used spells to flee and saved all they could. It was a grim day for the Elves where many an elf and numerous human slaves were frozen to death.
As King Ralri DeepAxe rushed down into the deeper mines he discovered that the Naga Sukumara had carried out an evil trick on him. It had fulfilled its geas and promise by driving the Elves from his land, but they had not demanded it do no harm to the Dwarves. The enchantments on the master rune had been changed slightly and the ice shot down into the tunnels freezing all it touched. He watched in horror as it swept over his people before they could do anything and finally encased him in the frozen death.
In mourning the Elves looked at this spire of ice thrust into the sky and renamed the mountain Khelek Carak, Ice Fang. Over the years various Elves, Dwarves, mages and clerics have sought to break the enchantment of the runes. The lesser runes have been weakened, or destroyed so that the lands around are cold and frosty but can be entered. The mountain remains covered in ice and any who approach the master rune are killed by the freezing death. Several have entered the Dwarven hold, but few have returned. Enchantments to protect against natural temperature fail as they went further into the hold and those that have returned describe perfectly preserved Dwarves encased in ice. 

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