Lands of Warlderia

TheLiberation of Harmonias

Harmonias was the main humanoid state in Western Warlderia before the Higher Wars. It had a prosperous if savage existence up to the time of Kaegor and his Liberation War when he sent Lord Bravlin to conquer the land driving the orcs and their ilk deep underground. House Bravlin ruled the wealthy province of Harmonias through the mad Emperor period up until 329 I.Y. when a horde of creatures from the underdark poured forth overwhelming the province and its people. At this time the Old Empire launched an assault on the island province of Ipranius which diverted both attention and resources from the reconquest of Harmonas.

The Duchy of Everwatch to the north established a border with ‘Fallen Harmonias’ and matters settled down in to a long stalemate. In spring of this year, 32 years later, the Harmonias humanoids sacked Castle Everwatch and looked set to overrun the whole northern duchy.  Under the leadership of Duchess Katalin of Everwatch the humanoid host was shattered and driven back in to its own lands in a dramatic reversal of fate. The Council of Chieftains that had ruled splintered and dissent spread.

From the Divine Empire a legion attempted to capture Galgortha but was driven off at the Battle of Shag’ra. The last heir to the Bravlin line, Lady Arabella Mauberry was captured and only just rescued by the Firebrand adventurers. At this time Galgortha was controlled by the Uthabar Orogs and their allies Eastern human Mercenaries who invited one of the Firebrand heroes to become the High King of the humanoids and the Margrave of Harmonicas provided they marry Lady Arabella. Though both Sadhaka Hakesh and Sir Wulfram Amali volunteered to wed Arabella it was the monk Quellin who took the High King mantle. He was soon to wed Lady Arabella and gain control of Galgortha and its resources.

Then King Quellin orders his humanoid army south to subdue the Orcs, goblins and Gnolls that refused to accept his rule. The next day Sir Tristram and his Hextor worshipping followers turned on all the remaining humanoids in Galgortha. Anyone of any humanoid blood was killed, the bulk of which are females and children. Thousands were hunted down and slaughtered with some half-bloods even fleeing to Everwatch.

Then Quellin declared for humanity and crusader units in Everwatch entered the province to join him along with the Maelfasan Brigade. The Church of Heironeous withdrew support from Quellin due to presence of Hextor followers. The returning vengeful humanoid troops were then defeated by 4th Divine Legion at Shag’ra under Wulfram Amali. Quellin was now secure in Galgortha with crusader and Maelfsan volunteers.

Sadly matters rapidly changed as Margravine Arabella apparently schemed behind the scenes to cause friction between Quellin and the heroes of Everwatch to lead to a schism with Quellin resigning and leaving. Arabella then offered concessions to the heroes and Duchess Katalin only to renege on all of them after they had left. She re-employed the Hextorite mercenaries, continued to massacre all with a touch of humanoid blood and expelled the church of Pelor. With a Hextor led state on her border and supported by the Church of Heironeous, the Duchess of Everwatch declared war and invaded. Arabella’s tactical victory at the 2nd Battle of Galgortha drove the Everwatch forces back over the border and stabilized her position. However her death in a failed meeting with the Underdark leaders changed matters.

After another Everwatch- Harmonias battle, south of Nyrlin's Folly, Duchess Katalin  was finally victorious and captured Galgortha. She has appointed her general Baron Jasper af Staller as provincial governor and arranged for other northern ruined settlements to start to be rebuilt. 

For a short while, a fragile truce existed with the humanoids to the south having surrendered at least some of their human slaves to the Duchess. She is in turn settled the ex-salves in the north, especially in Stonehaven with aid from the Church of Pelor and financing from the Temple of Zilchus.

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