Lands of Warlderia


Official Name: The County of Malchin
Ruler: Count Theodric Hentary
Government:         Feudal
Capital: Malchin
Major Towns: None
Resources: Horses, Cattle & Trade
Population: 75,000 (80% Human, 10% Half-elven, 10% Mixed)
Languages:  Common, Elven
Common Alignments:  


Major Religions: Phaukan (CG)
Allies: None

The County of Malchin sits on the coast at the southern end of the Neck, surrounded by gentle hills and lush grassland. Malchin is a rustic city full of the sound and smells of horses and cattle, with a small but busy harbour, surrounding the city are the pens for the cattle and horses due to be sold. The surrounding land is home to the semi-nomadic families which herd cattle and horses, and who are famed for their horsemanship and archery.

The city of Malchin was founded by the elves when they originally came to the world to take advantage of the humans who were still herding their cattle. The elves started breeding programmes for both the cattle and the horses and within 100 years were producing the best stock in Aeldaria. Most of the work was of course done by the humans who soon learned about breeding for certain traits and took over almost all of the work and even made advances of their own. Their elven masters became lazy and less interested in the herds and more interested in art and pleasure leaving the humans and half breeds to get on with ruling the area. When the Elder Wars started the lords of Malchin sent their people to fight with the armies seldom leaving their mansions. As the wars progressed the men of Malchin became renowned for supplying the best horses and auxiliary cavalry for their masters armies. When Kaegor I revolted against his masters the men of Malchin were among the first to support him and those who returned to the city soon roused the population to throw out their masters. The elves left the city without a fight but vowed terrible retribution.

The Lords of Radiant Melthurien sent an army to destroy the city which had no real defences at the time sacking the city and butchering the humans and half breeds they could find. Most of the people however fled to the hills and escaped the elves who were unable to chase them down. When Kaegor finally crossed the neck the elves fled and some of the people returned to the city but most stayed in the hills and plains to with their herds.

The inhabitants of the county are split into two groups, the towns people who live on trade with the rest of the continent selling the cattle and horses to everyone else and the herders who breed and look after the animals. The towns people are fairly well off with the nobles being rich and having some influence outside of the county and providing the heavy cavalry that the county is famed for.

The people of the plains are more clannish than their city brothers and more easily provoked giving them a reputation for fighting among themselves. These families supply the horses and lightly mounted but formidable horsemen for the city in times of war.

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