Lands of Warlderia

Nerull’s Cauldron 

This location is well known for the continual thick mists which are impossible for even the sharpest eyes to penetrate. Whether Nerull’s cauldron is a natural feature or the result of magic is often debated. It seems a natural feature being in a box end canyon with the mists being formed from hot springs creating a waterfall into a lake which is also fed by cold mountain streams. Nerull’s Cauldron is so named as an accursed place continually in gloom. Whether the Reaper actually has any links with it are not known due to the secretive nature of his worshippers.

Nerull’s cauldron is a favourite location for hiding the evidence of evil deeds, or having secret meetings. It is never a safe location with many a monster hiding in the mists, but at the edges if a large group is careful and marks its route in they will usually be safe for a while. Few have penetrated deeply into the canyon and found the lake. Those who have and survived talk of a large ornate building with golden doors on the edge of the lake from which come shrieks like those of damned souls. There are rumours that hidden within the canyon are mist hags and other foul beings. Many a party who have entered the edges of Nerull’s Cauldron have never been seen again.   

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