Lands of Warlderia

Radiant Melthurien

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Formal Name:

Senatorial City of Radiant Melthurien


Senator Gilrin Uirebeth




Radiant Melthurien


Trade, luxury goods & magic


325,200 ~ 29% Human, 22% Half-Elven, 20% Elven, 11% Halfling,


9% Dwarven, 8% Gnomish


Elven, Common, Halfling, Gnomish, Dwarven & Draconic

Common Alignment:

Neutral Good & True Neutral

Major Religions:

Corellon Larethian (CG), Boccob (TN), Pelor (NG), Zilchus (LN)


Radiant Melthurien is home of the once all powerful and now sadly shattered Elven High Senate. Its impressive and inspiring architecture make it a beautiful place and it is arguably the greatest city in the whole of the Lands of Warlderia; though many humans would argue against that on principle. It is also a fine example of how the lands could be if racial and cultural hatred could be diffused and compromise and cooperation achieved. Though still controlled by an Elven Senator-Wizard much of the fabric of the city is controlled and influenced by a wide range of races and beliefs.

According to the Elves, when they first came to Warlderia they built their first city at the strategic crossing point between the west and east of the lands. They met the savage local humans and were kind to them but sought to build their new home. The humans were impressed with the majesty of the Elves and begged to be of service to them till the Elven hearts full of pity became tutors to the primitives and patiently educated them. Thus Radiant Melthurien was built designed and planned by Elf while much of the work was down by Man and all were happy. The city prospered and under Elven guidance and patronage the humans flourished and became much more than they had been. Of course not all would agree with the Elven view on history.

At the time of the Higher Wars Radiant Melthurien was the seat of Elven governance and was prosperous and powerful. It had a large educated class of half-Elven citizens who held many positions of power within the city, many were the deputies and assistants to the official Elven rulers. Many Elves were proud of their human protégés while others complacent but sadly others grew jealous of the upstarts who failed to know their place. When Kaegor began his rebellion it shocked the city and all too soon news of destruction and death led to more than a few empty senatorial seats.

Given its central location could not Radiant Melthurien withdraw from the world when Kaegor’s Rebellion swept the lands. With its racially mixed populace and army it could not take military action without fears of mutiny and internal dissent so it covertly supplied aid and support to the other Elven forces. Then it argued for peaceful accommodation with Kaegor and his followers in the Elven High Senate as the rebellion turned in favour of humanity. By the end of the rebellion Radiant Melthurien had survived the turn of events better than most of its fellow Elven cities and states. She promoted herself as a bastion of co-existence that won over many moderates from all sides of the numerous conflicts and allowed Radiant Melthurien to stand as a beacon of tolerance.

Over the years there were numerous conflicts with her neighbours and a steady loss of territory to Kaegor’s successors with the city seeming doomed till the shattering of the unity of humanity caused by mad Emperor Kaegor XIII and Innocence’s revolt. The subsequent establishment of the Successor States greatly aided Radiant Melthurien as she could now play factions of against each other and act as a neutral venue for negotiations while growing in to a great trading city. After centuries of decline she flourished and grew in wealth, status and size. Today Radiant Melthurien is a wealthy and prosperous city state straddling the straits between west and east Warlderia but also between the factions of humanity.

The ruler of the city is the Senator who was in the past merely one amongst the many of the High Senate members. Indeed the Great Chamber, where the envoys of all the Elves once met, is still maintained though most of the seats are long vacant following the demise of so many Elven cities and states over long years. A handful of representatives of the remaining Elven states attend weekly sittings surrounded by the numerous vacant chairs.

The current Senator is Gilrin Uirebeth who has ruled Radiant Melthurien for almost a century in which the city has flourished and prospered. Her rule has been one of tolerance and enlightenment blending the best of the races living in the city. Gilrin Uirebeth is supported by a wide range of influential advisors including the mercantile Silhini family and the magically gifted House Belmathrion.

Recently the commander of the City Garrison appointed a female half-Elf called Liara Heartmourne as advisor and aide arguing her arrival was decreed by prophecy. Heartmourne and her small company of followers are silent on the matter.

The Alder Woods

To the west of the city lies the Alder Woods, an area of great contrast to Radiant Melthurien. According to the Elves the woods were grown over night by great magics then left to be the wild and untamed home to numerous fey and sylvan creatures. Indeed the Alder Woods are protected by powerful magic wards that turn away the unworthy and unwelcomed though the knowledge of what was done has long faded from memory.

The Alder Woods are very much an enchanted forest of legend filled with all manner of creatures and wonder. Invaders have reported wandering for days with no sign of life only to stagger out again at the very point that they entered. Indeed of regiment of axemen sent in by Mad Emperor Kaegor XIII is still to return over 160 years later.

To those of kind of heart and magically attuned the Alder Woods are meant to be a fine and wondrous place to visit. Many a good Elf has retired to the woods to live out the last of their days while others will visit to escape the worries and mundanity of the world.

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