Lands of Warlderia

The Roost and Torgarsford Village 

Only recently has this cities location become widely known due to its concealed location. The only approach to it on foot is through a small wood and down a narrow gorge to a set of stone gates. Once you pass the gates you enter a natural basin with a small lake. Cut into the faces of the basin are buildings with ornate architecture. The builders and residents of this unusual city are the Nycter, a small humanoid bat like race. The city has been named by others the Roost as it is the only known city of the Nycter, whether it has a different name to its inhabitants none know.

The Nycter of the Roost are a very cautious people and few are allowed to visit. Now that its location is known they have set up a market one mile away from the entrance to the gorge just outside the wood. Those that have visited talk of how old the city feels, with how much high pitched laughing and joking the inhabitants are engaged in amongst themselves. They also notice the signs that the city has been attacked from above, with large claw marks scratched into some of the buildings higher up. When these attacks have happened the Nycter won’t say, but visitors do spot small catapult-type siege weapons around the city along the lines of a Scorpio.

Torgarsford Village

Torgarsford village is situated near Kharsten fen by the side of the River Druhlant with its main trade being in peat. This trade provides it with enough income to be a moderately wealthy village. Cutting the peat can be a dangerous occupation with a look out needed to ensure none of the creatures from the fen catch the cutter unaware. The rumours of either monsters or fey living within the fen and the dangers involved have contributed to the lack of growth in the village. 

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