Lands of Warlderia

The Necropolis (Elgathrond)

The city of the dead was once the pride of the southern Elven kingdom, beautiful architecture and scent filled gardens enchanted visitors, wealth passed through its gates as a great trade centre and all races were welcome. In those times it was called Elgathrond and was rules by the Elven Prince Sintalon who was knowledgeable in both magic and trade. Sintalon ruled through the peaceful times after his people arrived in Warlderia but as he grew old things began to change. The Elven Kingdom became more focused on pleasure with the younger nobles leading the way. Sintalon’s son Eldrin was one such noble and a mage of great power but he was ruled by his need to indulge his passions. The start of the Higher Wars hit the wealth of the city hard and it soon became the frontline of a three way war between the Elves, Orcs and Dwarves. After a decade of defeat in the area to the south of the city, the Elven King decided to hold the front at Elgathrond and the forest to the south. Sintalon and his son became more and more estranged as the war continued because Eldrin refused to lead any troops saying that why have humans and half casts if they had to lead their own troops.

Prince Sintalon died in the fighting in the year -31KE leaving the defence of his city to his son, Eldrin shocked into action led several successful attacks on the encroaching Orcs, but his self-indulgent nature soon overcame him. During this period Eldrin met an enchanting female Elf called Satuviel, who encouraged him to indulge himself. When news of Kaegor’s Revolt came to the city Eldrin swore that his humans would never revolt and if they even thought of it he would force them to serve him eternally. Ten years later with the wars at their height Eldrin had his human troops paraded before him and then fed well so that they go attack an advancing Orc army. The food was poisoned and every human died, they still however marched south the next day as undead with orders to kill any non-Elf they found in the forest. The Orc army was routed and the remaining undead soldiers still haunt the woods, unfortunately this act of betrayal enraged Eldrin’s Elven subjects, many fled the city but a few banded together intending to kill Eldrin and his concubine. Their plot was betrayed and they were all killed by the Princes guards, when the people of the city woke the next morning the guards walked the streets enforcing martial law, something which had never happened in an Elven city before.

A month later when a messenger arrived at the city from the Elven King, he found the gates barred and Satuviel greeting him from the tower above it. She told the messenger that Eldrin would no longer follow a week leader and was now a ruler under his own right. Several attempts to infiltrate the city failed until eventually one skilled rogue managed to get out of the city, his tale froze the blood of his officers. No living sole could be found in the city outside the palace, but the dead rose at night to stalk the streets to feed off the living, inside the palace Prince Eldrin and his friends held banquets each night becoming less and less restrained.

No attempt was made by the King to conquer the city as he had his hands full with Kaegor’s Revolt, when a force was eventually sent to the city after the Peace of Melthurian, they found the city deserted by day but teaming with undead during the night. A few brave souls managed to enter the palace where they were met by Prince Eldrin himself who told them that he liked his people better this way and any attempt to attack the city would result in him unleashing them on his neighbours. Since then no one has attempted to take the city but over the years the undead have become more restless leaving the city to plague the surrounding lands.        

Illustration: From The Battle for Wesnoth ( used under General Public License

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